Economy Insurance Program

Anderson Group Musical Instruments Economy Insurance Program

  • Do you own instruments that are priceless to you?
  • Do you own instruments valued between $500.00 and $7,576.00?
  • Want to insure your instrument in less than 5 minutes, online, right now on our secure server?
  • Do you ever receive or hope to receive “pay for play”?
  • Do you gig either locally or far away?
  • Do you want the same coverage that we offer for multi-million dollar instruments, massive instrument collections, major symphony orchestras and musician associations?
  • Are you concerned about receiving your instruments worth and insured amount in the event of a claim?
  • Worried about compromising your coverage by relying on a homeowners’ insurance company exclusions and inferior coverage terms and conditions?
  • Look no further!

Coverage Highlights

  • $59.95/year covers up to $2,500*.
  • $84.95/year covers up to $3,750*.
  • $109.95/year covers up to $5,000*.
  • $134.50/year covers up to $7,576*.
  • Same great coverage and policy; no compromises, period.
  • Same worldwide “Agreed Value” coverage; even better than “Replacement Cost”.
  • Yes, we insure Students!
  • Yes, we cover “Pay for Play”.
  • Yes, we still insure earthquake, flood and just about everything else in between!
  • Yes, we cover shipping!

The Fine Print

  • Premium Rate for most instruments: $2.00/$100 USD of covered value.
  • Premium Rate for String Bass and Lever Harps: $3.50 to 4.00/$100 USD of covered value.
  • Minimum Annual Premium Incl. policy fee: $59.95 USD.
  • Annual Policy Fee: $9.95 USD.
  • $50 USD Deductible for schedules up to $2,500.
  • $100 USD Deductible for schedules up to $7,576.
  • $250 USD Shipping Deductible.
  • $250 USD “All Perils” Deductible: String Bass and Lever Harps.
  • Photos and descriptive information for all instrument(s) are required before your actual policy is issued.
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