Musical Instrument Insurance for Symphony Orchestras

Program Highlights

The musical instrument insurance team at Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC are experts when it comes to musical instruments. Peter Anderson, owner and founder of Anderson Group has a deep and abiding relationship with the world of musicians. Performing since the age of four, Peter now mixes his love of music with his exceptional knowledge of the insurance business. Peter has degrees in music and business and appeared regularly with the Boston Symphony Orchestras Tanglewood Festival Chorus from 1980 thru 2006. Peter and his staff have been helping musicians insure their instruments since 1990 and will work with you to choose the right coverage’s for your orchestra's needs.

We would be delighted to provide a no obligation analysis of your present coverage and design a program that specifically fits your needs!

  • PREMIUM RATE: We will design what we are certain you will find to be an extremely compelling offer after we complete our underwriting review of your overall exposure based on the total value of instruments insured along with loss runs for the past 5 years. Once we have assembled this information we will forward a firm binding proposal of coverage for your review within one to two business days.
  • ORCHESTRA BILLING: We offer one, two and three year policies. For multi-year policies, payment is typically expected annually however we offer installment billing options without billing or interest charges during each annual policy period.
  • MUSICIAN BILLING:. Our Orchestra clientele appreciates our capability to split bill orchestra and musician billings based on your collective bargaining agreement and/or management directive. If you elect split billing we will also identify those instruments that are musician billed along with a breakdown of musician/orchestra paid items on the Schedule of Covered Instruments.
  • BROKER BILLING:. Want to keep your broker but interested in the custom crafted coverage and rates we offer at Anderson? We are happy to work with your Broker as well as offer a competitive compensation package. Please have your broker contact us for more details.
  • DEDUCTIBLE: A Zero -0- “All Perils” Deductible is available however higher deductible options are always possible.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: All schedules are produced in our office. Our service level guarantees turn around on any changes on your schedule within two business days. Updated schedules will then be emailed to the management office, or to the members home; depending on your preference.
  • LIVE SUPPORT between 8:30A and 5:00P Monday through Friday; Eastern Time may be accessed by clicking on the Live Support Icon at the bottom of this page.
  • LOSS PAYABLE CLAUSE: Losses will be adjusted with and payable to the individual participant of the Orchestra per the Schedule on file at Anderson Musical Instrument Solutions, LLC

Coverage Highlights

Generally, appraisals are required to be dated within the past 10 years old for stringed instruments and bows with values greater than $100,000. Instruments valued at $1,000,000 and higher must have appraisals. For new appraisals, we prefer that these be completed by any member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, Inc. or a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. however we will typically accept appraisals by any credentialed appraiser.

  • COVERAGE TERRITORY: Your instruments are covered Worldwide.
  • CAUSES OF LOSS: “All Risk” Coverage is provided for your members instruments and related equipment and accessories.
  • VALUATION CLAUSE:We offer an “AGREED VALUE” clause as the basis of valuation. Simply stated, we agree to insure your instrument for the stated value for that instrument in the event of a total loss.
  • FLOOD COVERAGE: Our policy includes coverage for Flood losses at no additional cost.
  • EARTHQUAKE COVERAGE: Our policy includes full coverage for Earthquakes.
  • TERRORISM COVERAGE: Coverage is included under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act at no additional cost


  • Extra Expense Seized or Confiscated Musical Instruments #221-0163 P 15 08
  • Disappearance endorsement # 221-0163 MD-I 19 07
  • Video Equipment endorsement # 221-0163 S 10 03
  • Software Coverage for Musical Instruments # IM441 1343 02 04
  • Additional Coverage Endorsements also available
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