Anderson NFA Flute Insurance Program


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Choose our 3-year guaranteed policy option! Pay 2 premiums up-front and we’ll issue a fully paid up 3-year policy; an additional savings of 33% per year!/strong>

National Flute Association Insurance Program

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC, based in Florida, is the Official Provider for the NFA Flute Insurance Program. Now in our 31st year, Anderson is dedicated exclusively to insuring musical instruments, equipment and accessories. Wherever you live or travel under our “All Risk, Agreed Value” coverage. our custom crafted Anderson Musical Instruments Signature Coverage form insures members of the National Flute Association along with a number of musician associations in the USA and worldwide..

If you are not participating in the NFA Flute Insurance Program, and are an active member of the National Flute Association, you are all set to submit your application today to get this valuable coverage started. We make every effort to get back to you with a quote in one business day, or less!

If you are not a member of the National Flute Association, click here to join online (this will open in a new window). Once you submit your NFA membership application you can return to here and apply for NFA Flute Insurance

Does my Homeowners Policy Cover my Flutes ?

  • Most homeowner’s policies will limit coverage for musical instruments; up to a maximum limit of $2,000, especially if you receive any "pay for play". If you have an instrument valued more than this amount, you should really consider the NFA Flute Insurance Program.
  • Most homeowner’s policies won’t respond at claim time if an instrument is used in a paid performance as this is considered "business use". Flute Insurance with Anderson Group covers casual, professional and business use of your Flutes.
  • Did you know your homeowner’s policy does NOT cover flood damage? (You must purchase a separate flood policy covering personal property). Our Insurance policy covers flood damage to itemized instruments!
  • Did you know your homeowner’s policy does not cover earthquake Damage let alone earthquake damage to instruments unless you add a very expensive earthquake coverage rider?
  • Our Musical Instrument policy is designed to cover perils not normally covered under a homeowner’s policy, such as falling, cracking, etc. It is not until after the claim has occurred that a Homeowner’s claim adjuster will look at the requested insured value for an instrument. A homeowner’s policy will not pay for breakage due to bumping, falling, dropping, etc.
  • Premium Rate and Minimum Premium

    • The NFA Flute Insurance Program base premium rate is $.45/$100 USD. $150.00/year USD (minimum premium) including the annual $25.00 policy fee, covers to $27,777 for most itemized instruments (rates are higher for harps and string basses).

    • Want to SAVE EVEN MORE? Choose our 3-year guaranteed policy option! Pay 2 annual premiums up-front and we’ll issue a fully paid up 3-year policy; an additional savings of 33% per year!

    Premium Payment Information

    Once you have received approval by underwriting, premium payment information is noted below. Coverage will become effective at 12:01A on the following day

    • Payment by Check: Please email a copy of your check (in US Funds) to
    • Payment by Master Card, VISA, Discover, or American Express. Click here to make your credit card payment online via our secure server!

    Coverage Highlights

  • "All Risk Agreed Value” Worldwide Coverage
  • "All Perils" Deductible - $0
  • Coverage Territory - Worldwide!
  • Diminished Value Coverage - included.
  • Appraisals - almost never required!
  • Replacement Cost Values - Please submit your instrument(s) current replacement cost valuation(s).
  • Professional Use - included.
  • Flood and earthquake coverage - included.
  • Is it possible to Insure multiple Instruments? Yes! In fact, if you have instruments valued at $100,000; $250,000 or more, we also may be able to offer additional premium discounts too.
  • Performance Interruption coverage up to the actual loss sustained for covered losses up to $600.00.
  • Air & Ground Shipping Coverage - included; $ 0 Deductible.
  • Hanover Insurance Company is the insurance carrier underwriting our program for the National Flute Association Flute Insurance Program. This program is issued in the State of Illinois. A copy of the Anderson Group Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage Form insured by Hanover Insurance Company may be viewed here.
  • Important Additional Information

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