Anderson Signature Instruments Insurance Program


Want even MORE SAVINGS and rate protection? Opt for our 3-year guaranteed policy option and In return, you’ll receive a fully paid-up 3-year policy (subject to satisfaction of all conditions below), along with an additional 16.7% savings per year!

Anderson Signature Musical Instrument Insurance Program

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC, a USA company based in Florida, insures a number of major symphony orchestras throughout the United States along with musician associations, collectors, and musicians WORLDWIDE.

Now in our 34th year, Anderson is dedicated exclusively to insuring Musical Instruments, Equipment, Gear, Accessories, and Peripherals wherever you live or travel under our “All Risk, Agreed Value” custom crafted Anderson Musical Instruments Signature Coverage form.

We insure all types of musical instruments (violins, violas, cellos, string bass, guitars, mandolins, harps, brass, woodwinds, pianos, percussion instruments) and everything in between. If you can play it, and it makes a sound, we can most likely insure it! Insuring Musical Instruments is not only our passion; it is all we do! If we do say ourselves, we think we have done this very well over the past three decades. But don't take our word for it, please read on, click deeper and see how we can “Rock” your World offering compelling coverage and prices, in “Harmony with your Needs”. Please also check us wherever you follow musician pages, discussion groups and chat rooms and see what our raving fans are saying about Anderson too!

Our Rates and Minimum Premiums

  • Our Base Premium Coverage Rate is $.64/$100 USD. $175/USD, including the annual $25 USD policy fee covers up to $23,438 USD for many itemized instruments and accessories (see below for more information).
  • Members of Participating Musician Associations for Harp, String Bass, Violin, Viola, Brass and Woodwind Associations enjoy significant savings as well as additional coverages for members in good standing. Please look for ” Our Products” next to our logo at the top of this page and press on the instrument of your choice for more details.
  • Minimum Premium for Pianos is $175/year USD, including the annual $25 USD policy fee, and covers up to $38,461 of itemized pianos . NOTE: This coverage is only available at your designated location.
  • Minimum Premium for Pedal Harps is $225.00/USD year, including the annual $25 USD policy fee, and covers up to $20,000 of itemized pedal harps.
  • Minimum Premium for Lever Harps is $185.00/USD year, including the annual $25 USD policy fee, and covers up to $17,021 USD of itemized lever harps.
  • Minimum Premium for String Basses is $260.00/USD year, including the annual $25 USD policy fee, and covers $21,171 USD of itemized string basses.

Preferred Rate High Value Program

Based on your fully completed application, you may qualify for a preferred rate for musical instrument schedules generally above $100,000 in total insured value. If you qualify, rates may be reduced by 10% to 68% based on your total insurance schedule value, protection for your instruments, your background, experience, the environment in which your instruments are stored and the extent your instrument leaves your insured address.

Coverage Highlights and "The Fine Print"

  • “All Risk, Agreed Value” Coverage is provided worldwide at no additional cost.
  • Diminished value coverage included at no additional cost.
  • Appraisals may be requested for string instruments and some vintage instruments. In all cases, we will let you know if an appraisal(s) is required. Copies of appraisals are always welcome and encouraged and will be attached to your file for safekeeping.
  • Professional use is included at no additional cost.
  • Flood and earthquake coverage is included at no additional cost.
  • Performance Interruption coverage up to the actual loss sustained for covered losses up to $600 is included at no additional cost (higher limits available).
  • Shipping is covered so long as your instruments are packed and protected in an appropriate shipping or flight case. (An airbag or suspension case is necessary for cellos and string basses shipped by a common/contract fee-based carrier). Common/ Contract Fee-based carrier shipments are generally always subject to a minimum deductible of $250 USD (for most instruments – $500 shipping deductible for String Basses).
  • Rental Reimbursement provides $100 per month for 6 months after a covered claim unless you have an equivalent idle instrument available insured on your schedule. $225 per month is available for just $25/year USD.
  • Electronic equipment may be added at a cost of $.65/$100 of insured value.
  • Software coverage, including audio, VST, VSTi plugins and synch licenses using virtual or hardware dongles is available!
  • Musical Scores Coverage uniquely crafted by us, is also available.
  • Dampness, Dryness or Extremes of Temperature Exclusion will be included for String Basses and Cellos unless a waiver is offered by underwriting.
  • Deductible, for perils apart from shipping for most instruments is $100.00 USD.
  • Deductible for Common Carrier and Contract Carrier shipments is $250.00 USD.
  • (We do not provide any shipping insurance for pianos.)
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