Instrument Insurance Rental Program for Music Stores & Schools

Musical Instrument Insurance for Rental Instruments

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC offers a low cost, low overhead, easy to manage competitive solution offering Music Dealers and Schools with a compelling insurance program for instruments rented to others.

What's Needed To Get Things Rolling?

  • Contact and billing information.
  • Spreadsheet, Word Document or PDF documenting the requested total insurance value requested.
  • Annual Deposit estimated premium is due in full at policy issue (installment billing options may be available; no interest or billing fees based on timely payments.)
  • You must insure a minimum of 80% of the Total Requested Insurance Value
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual Premium adjustment options are available.
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  • Policy Highlights

    Program Rates, Guidelines and Deductibles

    • “All Risk” Stated Value Worldwide Coverage for musical instruments rented to customers residing throughout the United States of America.
    • Blanket Coverage!  This provides an easy way to insure your rental instruments. Just tell us what you would like to insure for Total Instrument Insurance Values, your valuation method; replacement cost, actual cash value or your cost for your musical instruments rented to others.
    • Premium Rate ranges from an average of 3% (5% high to a low of 1%) based on the type of instrument rented and the Total Instrument Insurance Values rented to others.
    • Annual policy fee ranging from 3% to 1% of the policy premium. 
    • Minimum Annual Policy Fee is $50.00/year.
    • 3% Blanket Instrument Rental Schedule Deductible for Music Stores and Schools: Only 3% of the total insurance value for most damaged instruments. There is a minimum deductible of $35 per occurrence deductible ($100.00 for string bass and harp).
    • Individual Rentals of Musical Instruments Deductible: $500.00 “All Perils”
    • Flood, groundwater and rising water is excluded.
    • A Wind Exclusion may apply based on the proximity of your location on the Eastern Seaboard or Gulf States.
    • Earthquake coverage is excluded.
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