Anderson Signature Harp Insurance Program


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Signature Harp Insurance by Anderson

The musical instrument insurance team at Anderson has put together special harp insurance programs offering additional coverage and discounted rates for active members of a number of harp associations. (More information may be found here for our harp insurance association programs where Anderson Group is the endorsed harp insurance provider.) Should you not be a member of one of the harp associations that endorse our harp insurance programs, please look at the Harp rates section to the right.

Join over 3,500 other harpists that look to Anderson Group and Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC for their harp insurance needs.

Coverage Highlights
  • “All Risk” Agreed Value Coverage – Worldwide
  • Deductible as low as $250 USD.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage available for only $25.00 additional charge per year
  • Earthquake, flood and shipping coverage included
  • $600 Performance Interruption Coverage included at no additional charge; higher limits available

Signature Harp Insurance Rates

Pedal Harps
  • Pedal Harp Rate is $.90 USD per $100 of insured value
  • $215.00 USD minimum annual premium covers up to $21,111 in pedal harps and accessories
Lever Harps
  • Lever Harp Rate is $.85 USD per $100 of insured value
  • $175.00 USD minimum annual premium covers up to $17,647 in lever harps and accessories
Homeowners Insurance is NOT the Solution!

If you are wondering if your homeowner’s policy covers your instruments, please check out our FAQ: Does my homeowners policy cover harps?

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