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As a business major with a minor in music, I had the opportunity to fill a market niche that was sadly lacking. To have the opportunity to combine, both my insurance expertise and my music and instrument knowledge together in a single “All Risks” insurance policy for musicians and collectors; a triumph for me and a service to the industry.

Our carriers applauded and approved my initiative and the Anderson Musical Instruments Signature Coverage policy that uniquely speaks to the needs of musicians in simple English was born. (Yes, our insurance company partners legal and claims teams did of course contribute where necessary.) Our Anderson Signature policy coverage form, born in early 1991, has now seen six editions, all approved by our various insurance company partners, over almost three decades.

Peter T Anderson, President and Founder

Our Uniquely Crafted Insurance Policy Coverage Forms

  • Anderson Musical Instruments Signature Coverage Form #221-0163 17 06 ( PDF File)
  • Anderson Musical Instruments “Economy” Plan Coverage Endorsement Form #221-0163 T 15 03 ( PDF File)
  • Anderson Musical Express Plan Changes Endorsement 221-1063 EXP 17 06 ( PDF File)
  • Anderson Musical Express Plan Changes for Lever Harp & String Bass 221-0163 EXP-O 17 06 ( PDF File)
  • Anderson Instrument Makers, Dealers, Repairers and Lutherie Coverage Form IM441 1462 01 16 ( PDF File)
  • Anderson Musical Instrument Rental Insurance Program 221-0163 X 04 13 ( PDF File)
Mandatory Endorsements

This is where our insurance company partner, Hanover Insurance Company, stepped in with all the legal “blah blah blah” which is a necessary component of all insurance policies. These mandatory endorsements appear in every single policy issued by Anderson Group.

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Optional Endorsements

As with the Anderson insurance policy coverage forms, 90% of these optional endorsements were all custom crafted by our agency as well. This is a menu of endorsements that we select from time to time depending on our underwriting evaluation of your quote request as well specific coverages suited to individual needs.

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ISO State Forms

Just like the Mandatory endorsements above, these ISO endorsements make a part of every policy issued by Anderson Insurance based on your state of residency or the State of Florida for those insureds that reside outside of the USA.

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Legacy Policy Formss

These are the immediate prior versions of the policy that were replaced by newer editions. We offer these forms in the interest of complete and full transparency.

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Mandatory Endorsements - ALL Policies

  • Cap on Losses From Certified Acts of Terrorism IL 09 52 03 08 ( PDF file)
  • Common Policy Conditions IL 0017 (11_98) ( PDF file)
  • Commercial Inland Marine Conditions IM441-1128 (11-11) ( PDF file)
  • Musical Instruments Surge Protection Device Warranty 221-0163 B 10 03 ( PDF file)

Optional Endorsement List

  • Additional Insured Endorsement – Property Leased, Rented or Loaned to Others Coverage 221-0163 R 15 08 ( PDF file)
  • Carrier for Hire Exclusion 221-0163- CFH-E 17 06 ( PDF file)
  • Dampness, Dryness or Extremes of Temperature Exclusion 221-0163 C 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Earthquake, Flood or Deductible Limitations IM 441-1050 09 08 ( PDF file)
  • Earthquake and Volcanic Action Endorsement IM441-1460 01 16 ( PDF file)
  • Extra Expense Seized or Confiscated Musical Instruments 221-0163 P 15 08 ( PDF file)
  • Dealer & School Rental Program Location Endorsement 221-0163 V 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Mysterious Disappearance Endorsement 221-0163 MD-I 19 07 ( PDF file)
  • Musical Instruments Electrical Apparatus Deductible Endorsement 221-0163 A 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Named Tropical Windstorm and Hurricane Exclusion 221-0163 Y 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Photo And Video Equipment Endorsement 221-0163 S 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Property Leased or Rented to Others Endorsement 221-0163 F 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Protective Measures and Safeguards Endorsement IM441-1458 01 16 ( PDF file)
  • Rental Reimbursement Additional Coverage Endorsement 221-1063 D 18 03 ( PDF file)
  • Property offsite Worldwide Coverage Endorsement IM441-1463 01 16 ( PDF file)
  • Safes or Vaults Conditions Endorsement (Dealers only) 221-0163 E 10 03 ( PDF file)
  • Software Coverage for Musical Instruments Endorsement IM441 1343 02 04 ( PDF file)
  • Surge Protection Device Warranty 221-0163 B 10 03 ( PDF file)

ISO State Forms

  • ISO State Amendatories Forms Index ( PDF file)

Legacy Policy Forms

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