Anderson Signature Cello Insurance Program


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Choose our 3-year guaranteed policy option! Pay 2.25 premiums up-front and we’ll issue a fully paid up 3-year policy; an additional savings of 25% per year!/

Cello Insurance Program

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC is your solution to insure your cello throughout the world.

Located in Sebring, Florida (USA), Anderson Group insures a number of major symphony orchestras throughout the United States as well as cellists around the world. We offer cello insurance for the professional, semi-professional, enthusiast as well as music students, Colleges and Universities, Luthiers, Dealers, Collectors and Museums.

Preferred Rate High Value Program

  • Based on your fully completed application, you may qualify for a preferred rate if your musical instrument schedule exceeds $50,000. If you qualify, rates may be reduced by up to 70% based on your total insurance schedule value, protection for your instruments, your background and experience, the environment in which your instruments are stored and the extent that your instrument leaves your insured address.

Coverage Highlights

  • Our premium rate is as low as $.575/$100 of valuation; among the lowest available worldwide
  • Our minimum premium as low as $165 insures up to $24,000 of covered instruments
  • The Deductible for “all perils” other than common/contract fee based carrier is $100.00
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