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Don’t take our word for it – Our Clients say it Best!

Several years ago, during an LPO finance committee meeting, the suggestion was made that perhaps the orchestra could save some money on our instrument insurance coverage by shopping it around; the thought was that perhaps we could be more clever with this coverage.

I objected strongly on the behalf of my colleagues in the orchestra, advising the committee that the musical instrument insurance covered not just the tools of our trade, but our very livelihood. I pointed out that Anderson's reputation in the orchestra world was second to none and I was able to convince them that this insurance policy was much too important to trust to a low bidder or to clever schemes in the hopes of saving a few dollars. It would turn out to be one the best pieces of advice I ever gave.

A year later, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. In addition to the destroyed homes, flooded apartments, and disrupted lives, many of my colleagues lost their instruments. In the months that followed, as we all set about rebuilding our lives, one of the bright spots in the chaos was Anderson Insurance and their employees: All of our claims on the orchestra's musical instrument policy were settled quickly, with none of the bureaucratic hassle that was complicating post-Katrina life in so many other areas. 

Among my colleagues that filed claims for damaged or destroyed musical instruments, there was not one single complaint about either the claims process or the settlement of those claims. This is a truly extraordinary testament to the integrity of Anderson Insurance and their commitment to their customers.... Jim Atwood, LPO timpanist and Personnel Administrator

Elaine has been a wonderful person to work with – responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thank you! Karen Stimmell, HR Director San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco, CA

I can’t say enough about what a fabulous organization this is! Aside from always being courteous and personable they really work at making sure I have the best coverage and the best price. They are always open to my concerns and question. And whenever I have had emergencies – they have been there for me! Bravo! Aline Benoit, Waban, MA



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