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Student Musical Instrument Insurance


Coverage is available for students that are on a path to become a performing musician. Our coverage can protect your valuable instruments from catastrophe on a worldwide basis. Unlike most homeowners policies, our policy is the same policy issued to major symphony orchestras and musical instrument associations and does not restrict coverage should you receive payment for performing! Complete details about the Anderson Group Musical Instrument Insurance Policy can be found here. music

Please provide a complete musical resume' and application and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

It just takes a few minutes to get a free quote-
please click here to begin the quote request process!

Some of the information that is needed in order to underwrite your application are:

  • Please provide complete details outlining your musical instrument experience.
  • Please provide complete details outlining your background with musical instruments.
  • Who is responsible for transporting your instrument away from your residence and how is the harp transported?
  • Provide details indicating where your instrument is kept when not being played (must be kept in a locked room at all times) along with who has access to the locked environment.
  • Who is responsible for your instrument at all times while away from your residence?
  • How often is your instrument away from your residence?

Please click here for more information about our musical instrument program. If you are a student harpist, please click here.



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