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musical instrument pictureAnderson Musical Instruments Insurance Program for Values from $7,500 to Millions

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC is your solution for insuring musical instruments almost anywhere in the world.  Anderson Group is devoted exclusively to insuring musical instruments and accessories worldwide. We insure almost all types of instruments including violins, violas, cellos, basses, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, harps, brass, woodwinds, pianos, percussion instruments and everything in between.  If you can play it, we can most likely insure it!

Located in Sebring, Florida (USA), Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC insures a number of major symphony orchestras throughout the United States and musician associations, collectors and musicians throughout the world. We offer musical instrument insurance for professionals and semi-professionals, as well as enthusiasts, students and hobbyists looking for Coverage in Harmony With Your Needs...

Some of our beneficial services include coverage rates as low as $.525/$100 USD to no more than $1.00/$100 USD for String Basses and Harps (see Harp Insurance or Bass Insurance for lower rates.)   We offer a deductible as low as $250.00 USD should you experience a claim.  Our coverage extends worldwide and is always presented using an “all risk” agreed value coverage form.  Please click here to review the Anderson Group Musical Instruments Coverage Form.   Our customers never seem to forget our reasonable premium and policy fee of as low as $150.00 USD, which covers about $23,809 USD of "agreed value" for most musical instruments, musical equipment and accessories.



Based on your fully completed application, you may qualify for a preferred rate if your musical instrument schedule exceeds $65,000 or more.   If you qualify, rates may be reduced by up to 70% based on your total insurance schedule value, protection for your instruments, your background and experience, the environment in which your instruments are stored and the extent that your instrument leaves your insured address.


If you would like request a quote for our Musical Instrument Insurance Products,
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  • Our base premium rate of $.525/$100 USD covers most instruments.  (Lower rates are also available for pianos restricted to a designated location as well as many insurance schedules > than $65,000.)
  • $150.00 USD minimum premium including the annual $25 USD policy fee covers about $24,000 USD for most instruments and accessories.
  • Harps and String Basses  have higher rates and minimum premiums however significant savings are available for members in good standing of a qualifying musician association.  Please refer to Harp Insurance or Bass Insurance for more details.
  • Minimum Premium for Harps including policy fee is $200.00/ USD year and covers up to $23,333 USD of itemized harps.
  • Minimum Premium for Lever Harps including policy fee is $175.00/ USD year and covers up to $15,000 USD of itemized harps.
  • String Bass Minimum Premium including policy fee for is $250.00/USD year covers from $22,500 to $30,000 USD of itemized string basses.
  • Dampness, Dryness or Extremes of Temperature Exclusion is included for String Basses and Cellos unless a waiver is offered by underwriting.
  • Deductible, for perils other than shipping for most instruments starts as low as $250.00 USD.  (In some instances we may ask for a $500.00 USD deductible for some instruments that are away from your residence based on our underwriting guidelines.)
  • “All Risk”, Agreed Value Coverage is provided worldwide at no additional cost.
  • Diminished value coverage included at no additional cost
  • Appraisals may be requested prior to the binding of coverage unless we offer or agree to an extension.  Appraisals may be requested for string instruments and some vintage instruments typically valued at greater than 15,000 USD. In all cases, we will let you know if an appraisal(s) is required.  Copies of appraisals are always welcome and encouraged and will be attached to your file for safekeeping.
  • Professional use is included at no additional cost.
  • Flood and earthquake coverage is included at no additional cost.
  • We even cover shipping if your instruments are packed and protected in an appropriate shipping or flight case.   (An airbag or suspension case is necessary for cellos and string basses shipped by a common/contract fee based carrier).  Common carrier shipments are always subject to a minimum deductible of $350 USD (for most instruments) and $500 USD for most cellos and string basses.
  • Do you depend on your instrument daily?  Rental Reimbursement coverage is available for the low annual cost of $25 USD which provides up to $600.00 USD per month for up to 12 months to provide monies to rent a replacement instrument subject to timely repair of a covered loss on a damaged instrument, provided that you do not have an equivalent idle instrument.
  • Electronic equipment and Software may be added at a cost of $.65/$100 of insured value. Software includes audio, VST, VSTi plugins and synch licenses using virtual or hardware dongles. This charge is in addition to the total premium for your musical instrument schedule and accessories.


Hanover Group

Insures the Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions. LLC Musical Instrument Insurance Program worldwide.


If you would like to request a quote for our Musical Instrument Insurance,
please click here to begin the quote request process!



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