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International Clarinet Association Instrument Insurance Program by The Anderson Group

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC extends a warm welcome to members of the International Clarinet Association.  Our www.clarinetinsurance.com policy offers compelling rates for clarinetists throughout the world with a musical instrument insurance policy uniquely crafted to protect your musical instruments.   Anderson Group, dedicated solely to insuring musical instruments, is endorsed by a number of major musician associations.  Trust the team at Anderson Group to always strive to exceed your expectations with our world class service “Safeguarding Your Instruments While Saving You Money”©.


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Coverage Highlights

Program Details: 

  • $125.00 USD per year covers up to $28,571 USD of most Itemized Instruments and Accessories
  • “All Risk” Agreed Value Coverage – Worldwide
  • Diminished Value Coverage - Included
  • Low Deductible!
  • Coverage for Personal, Professional and Pay for Play - Included
  • Yes, WE insure Students at Home, School and Away
  • Earthquake & Flood Coverage - Included

The Fine Print:

  • Premium Rate:   $.35/$100 USD of covered value
  • Minimum Annual Premium:  $100 USD
  • Annual Policy Fee:  $25.00 USD
  • “All Perils” Deductible:  $100 USD
  • Rates are higher for string basses and harps.
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  • You must be and remain a member in good standing of the International Clarinet Association
  • Photos and Serial numbers required for all instruments and applicable accessories

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